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220 volt Air conditioners 220volt window AC, 230v Split AC, 230 volt room A/C in 50hz and 60Hz for International use.

220v Air conditioners 220 volt window AC, 230v Split AC, 230 volt room A/C, 220v dehumidifiers in 50hz and 60Hz for International use.



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Major Appliances.

Export, 50hz Refrigerator, Washers & Dryers, Dishwashers, Ranges, Window & Split Air conditioners, microwave oven, Range hoods, Dehumidifiers, Freezers .


110V 220V Multisystem TV, VCR, TV/VCR Combo, All regions DVD Players, PAL SECAM NTSC Television, PAL Camcorder, Dual volt Stereo .

Business Office.

220V/50HZ Photo Copier, Fax machine, Printers, Multifunction machines, All-in-One Printer, Fax, Scanner, Copier for export use .

Small Kitchen Appliances.

Blenders, Toasters, Food processors, Kettles, Waffle makers, Sandwich makers, Mixers, Slow cookers, Grills & Griddles, Thermo pots .

Miscellaneous Products.

220V Power tools, Desk & Stand fans & Ceiling fans, Air cleaners, Humidifiers, Irons 220 volt vacuum cleaners, Travel appliances, Clock radios, Hair dryers.

Transformer and Voltage Regulators.

UPS systems, Auto- transformers, AC to DC Converters & AC-DC Adapters, Universal plugs & Sockets, Surge protectors, power strips, Extension cords, Travel converters, Isolated transformers, Stabilizers .

We carry 220 volt airconditioners in different capacities like 9000BTU, 12000BTU, 15000BTU, 18000BTU, 22000BTU, and 24000BTU for overseas. There are different types of 240v AC Window, wall mount, split, multi split, portable and mini split for Export use. We also have 240 volt Air conditioner for world wide use in various Ton capacities. The other types of 220v AC which we carry are cool only, heat and cool, Electric heat, heat pump, ducted, ductless and other special types like commercial and explosion proof models. Many of our models have slide out chassis and remote control. We also have space heaters for export use.

We carry 110v & 220v 50hz / 60hz dual volt consumer electronics, 110volt & 220volt 50- hz and 60- hz home appliances, 110 volt & 220 volt kitchen appliances for overseas worldwide use. Foreign system DVD players are also available. We are also specialized in 230v & 240v European appliances including commercial household appliances. Appliance and electronic parts are also available in 230volt 50hz for export use. 230 volt and 240 volt small appliances and other miscellaneous home appliances are available in dual voltage. We carry large selection of electric power tools and countertop portable appliances in 240volt for overseas use. We carry in stock a large selection of appliances for Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East as well as for USA and for South America.

We carry the following models of cooling only Air conditioners and heating and cooling AC for European and other foreign countries:

Multi Split A/C
Hitachi RAM22CZ2

Portable A/C
Duracraft by Honeywell CL7M, Funai KY20

Split A/C
Carrier 53KG012-7, Carrier 53KG018-7, Carrier 53KG024-7,
Whirlpool AMB 872, Whirlpool AMB852, Whirlpool AMB857, Whirlpool AMB862, Whirlpool AMB867, Whirlpool AMB877, Whirlpool AMB882, Whirlpool AMB887, GE AS0AH09D,
GE AS0AH12D, GE AS0AH18D, GE AS0AH24D, Hitachi RAS-10C3M, Hitachi RAS-13C3M,
Hitachi RAS-18CP2, Hitachi RAS-24CP1R, White Westinghouse SA095B5MB, White Westinghouse SA09PB5MB, White Westinghouse SA125B5MB, White Westinghouse SA12PB5MB,
White Westinghouse SA185B5MB, White Westinghouse SA18PB5MB, White Westinghouse SA245B5MB, White Westinghouse SA24PB5MB,

Window A/C
White Westinghouse AC075G5C, White Westinghouse AV188G5C, White Westinghouse AV18EG5C, White Westinghouse AV248G5C, White Westinghouse AV24EG5C, White Westinghouse AX094G5C, White Westinghouse AX09EG5C, White Westinghouse AX125G5C, White Westinghouse AX12EG5C, White Westinghouse AX155G5C,
White Westinghouse AX15EG5C, Hitachi RA-109FF.

Window And Wall Mount Room A/C Units
Frigidaire FAC095A, Frigidaire FACH095A, Frigidaire FAC125G, Frigidaire A6125GHS, Frigidaire FAC155G, Frigidaire FACH155G, Frigidaire FAC185G, Frigidaire FACH185G, Frigidaire FAC245A, Frigidaire FACH245A, Frigidaire FAC275A

Friedrich Wall Master & PTAC Units220V/50Hz & Domestic Voltage
European Split System Air Conditioners Frigidaire SAC13CHI/CE, Frigidaire FSA09A5C,
Frigidaire FSA09PA5C, Frigidaire FSA12PA5C, Frigidaire FSA18A5C, Frigidaire FSA18PA5C

Whirlpool S-07-AMB852, Whirlpool S-07-AMB857, Whirlpool S-07-AMB862, Whirlpool S-07-AMB867, Whirlpool S-07-AMB872, Whirlpool S-07-AMB877, Whirlpool S-07-AMB882,
Whirlpool S-07-AMB887, Whirlpool S-07-AMB891G, Whirlpool S-07-AMB892G,
White Westinghouse SA055B5MB White Westinghouse SA05PB5MB, White Westinghouse SA075B5MB, White Westinghouse SA07PB5MB, White Westinghouse SA12PB5MB,
White Westinghouse SA215B5MB, White Westinghouse SA21PB5MB, White Westinghouse SA24PB5MB, White Westinghouse SA185BHMB, White Westinghouse SA245BHMB, White Westinghouse SIA09PG5MB, White Westinghouse SIA12PG5MB, White Westinghouse S2A185B5MB, White Westinghouse S2A18PB5MB, White Westinghouse S2A215B5MB,
White Westinghouse S2A21PB5MB
White Westinghouse AC075A5C, White Westinghouse AC095A5C, White Westinghouse AC095A5R, White Westinghouse AC09PA5C, White Westinghouse AC09PA5R, White Westinghouse AC125A5C, White Westinghouse AC125A5R, White Westinghouse AC12PA5C, White Westinghouse AC12PA5R, White Westinghouse AC185A5C, White Westinghouse AC185A5R, White Westinghouse AC18PA5C, White Westinghouse AC245A5C, White Westinghouse AC245A5R, White Westinghouse AC185AHC, White Westinghouse AC245AHC
GE AS5AH24D, Room Air Conditioner GE ASV18WB,

Please call us for details about export 50hz and 60Hz air conditioner

We carry the following brands:

Whirlpool, Friedrich, Frigidaire, White Westinghouse, Gibson, Amana, Hitachi, GE, Carrier, Hitachi, Duracraft by Honeywell, Funai, Woods, Delonghi, windmere.


• Sony • JVC • Hitachi • Panasonic • Canon • Xerox • Amana • 3M • HP • Kodak • Sharp • Toshiba • Epson • Hoover • Eureka • Ricoh • Frigidaire • Delonghi • Oster • Kenwood • Krups • Braun • Hamiltonbeach • GBC • Black & Decker • U-Line • Marvel • Rowenta • National

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