Electric Insect Killers Roach Killer 220-240 Volt, 50 Hz Flowtron BK80

  • 220-240 Volt/ 50 Hz, Electric Insect Killer
  • Coverage: Up to 1-1/2 acre (115 foot radius)
  • Two 40 watts high intensity black light bulbs
  • 5600 volt vertical grid

Model Name
Regular Price

Discount Available on Bulk Order
Special Price Available for U.S Goverment And Agencies

Product Specification

Unit Dimension:

18.5"H x 11"W x 11"D

Unit Weight:

8 Lb.

Shipping Weight:

12 Lb.

Product Type:

Electric Insect Killer


  • Killing grid eliminates grid clogging, Short circuits and flare up of insect remains
  • Safe outer enclosure protects children, pets, birds and wildlife
  • Remain Clean and working all season
  • High Impact polycarbonate construction
  • High Powered Transformer
  • Easy Bulb Replacement
  • Teflon Insulators
  • No fogs, chemicals or poisons to harm the environment, no insecticide or repellant odors
  • Made in USA