Electric Insect Killers Roach Killer 220-240 Volt, 50 Hz Flowtron PV75A

  • 220-240 Volt/ 50 Hz, Indoor/Outdoor Insect Killer
  • Targets & Eliminates Mosquitoes and Other Flying Insect Pests
  • Recommended for outdoor areas up to 3/4 acre
  • 22 Watt Ultraviolet Circular Bulb, Model BF-180

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Product Specification

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17”H x 11.3”W x 11.3”D

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  • Multiple Attractants - light, scent, shape, and color provide maximum luring power
  • Vacuum Action - powerful flow draws insects into a concealed trap where they dehydrate and die
  • Clean Insect Disposal - removable trap provides for fast, easy disposal of dead insects
  • FREE Mosquito Attractant - slow release cartridge emits a proven mosquito and biting fly lure when insect killer is operating
  • Environmentally Sound - clean, safe, effective; operates for pennies a day
  • Light-Weight and Portable - weatherproof poly carbonate construction
  • Easy Installation - mounts outdoors on a bracket or pole, (bracket or pole not included); or free standing when used indoors